Clothes Make the Brand

Clothes Make the Brand

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The concept of marketing and promoting a brand has been around for a long time. The best weapon for brand promotion is free giveaways. Such promo items are highly popular and a large share of it is taken up by promotional clothing items.  A large variety of clothing items is sold by distributors of wholesale promotional clothing Melbourne wide.

What does promotional clothing include

T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, shirts, sportswear, pullovers, cardigans, vests, trousers, shorts, jackets, polo shirts, underwear, scarves, caps, gloves, and aprons are some of the items which can be used for brand promotion. These products can be made to suit any budget and design needs. For small companies, such items are available for as low as 1$. During large functions like award ceremonies, brands are promoted by celebrities who wear such clothing items and pose for the cameras. These items are more expensive but big companies have significant budgets set aside for such promotion and publicity purposes because they know that this is the most effective method of creating a good brand image and client base.

Benefits of such promotional tactics

There are innumerable advantages of using promo items to promote your brand or cause. The main aim of such giveaways is to create brand awareness. It helps new companies to establish their brands and existing companies to boost their sales and find new customers. This method is more budget-friendly and impactful than advertising through television, radio, newspaper, magazine, pamphlet or billboard. It is creative and unique and makes the brand look more professional in its approach. It helps the brand to develop its identity among its competitors.

A large number of people can be reached with a nominal investment. The wholesale promotional clothing Melbourne distributors provide have a visual effect which leads to high brand recall value. As the clothing items are useful, the brand is recalled every time the product is used. The companies which give such free promo items are more popular than the companies which do not do so. Also, the company is remembered by the promo items it gives.

The wholesale promotional clothing Melbourne distributors provide can be customised according to any theme, cause, brand or product. These items are available in all sizes and colours and any logo, slogan or artwork can be either screen printed or digitally printed on the material. The products are high quality and cost-effective.

Looking for promotional clothing items

Wholesale promotional clothing in Melbourne is easily available online. These items can be used for company events, product launches, concerts, parties, trade shows, charity fundraisers or NGO awareness programs. To find wholesale promotional clothing Melbourne distributors offer, you can try ACC ID Solutions.


Promo items are now an essential part of every marketing campaign. Statistics say that in Australia, 76% of the people who receive such giveaways remember the brand name and 52% of these people return to do business with the company. So go ahead and use the Melbourne wholesale promotional clothing items to enhance your brand value and sales.

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