7 New Wedding Photography Styles That You Can Embrace for Your Big Day in Vancouver

7 New Wedding Photography Styles That You Can Embrace for Your Big Day in Vancouver

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With the boom of the wedding industry, couples now have a plethora of ways to express their styles and personalities on their big day. In particular, they now have more options at their disposal to make sure their wedding mementoes will be works of art in their own right. As for the photographers, the digital revolution has also allowed them to offer something different using new technologies and made them become even more artistic, narrative, and evocative. With that said, here are the top new styles of Vancouver wedding photography that you can discuss with your chosen team of photographers:

1. Modern Artistic

These days, portraits having you and your partner in full frame looking straight at the camera will just look similar to many other wedding portraits out there. Instead, you can work with your photography team to create unique and artistic photos where you are naturally enjoying the moments of celebration.

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2. Documentary

Rather than posing for highly styled shots, this form of wedding photography captures you, your partner, and other people in spontaneous or candid pictures in action. Typically, it finds the photographer trying to get more interactions and capture something real that you and your partner can treasure for the rest of your lives.

3. Lifestyle

Basically, this style is photojournalism redefined, where photography is done candidly, but expressively, with some direction. It is also where a photographer set the scene to achieve a more approachable feel and a more relaxed result.

4. Dramatic

Dramatic photography is one form of taking photographs that only the masters can perform, given that lighting is a key component. So, when choosing the people to handle this type of Vancouver wedding photography, you should look for the experts from Life Studios Inc. While some people can take great photographs here and there, professionals know how to consistently use light in any way possible to create truly amazing photos of your wedding day.

5. Drone Photography

While you may think drones will not go well with weddings, they actually will! Specifically, they are really helpful in capturing angles from heights that photographers could not normally reach and in showcasing your setting from a bird’s eye view. That is why these pieces of equipment have become a necessity in modern wedding photography.

6. Going into the Wild

These days, naturally wild settings for weddings have become quite popular in this Canadian city. Basically, this approach has followed the trend of having less ceremony and engaging more in a natural experience.

7. Classic Film

Surprisingly, the world of film photography has made a comeback in this purely digital age. With this style, you can still create beautiful memories with the richness lost in digital and pixelated imagery.

Without a doubt, photography will define the memories of your big day, which means that you should entrust such a task to photographers who know every style to suit your requirements. Discuss with them how you want such a special event to be shot, and you will most likely not have any regrets afterwards. Now, for a team of professionals offering great Vancouver wedding photography, you can check out http://lifestudiosinc.com.

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